Rock-on repository / Zoneminder upgrade to 1.30 (from 1.29)

So maybe something like this?

            "volumes": {
                "/config": {
                    "description": "Choose a Share for the data and configuration data. (you can add seperate shares for events later by attaching a volume to /config/data/events)",
                    "label": "Config Storage",
                    "min_size": "1073741824"
                "/config/mysql": {
                    "description": "Choose a Share for the database.",
                    "label": "MySQL Storage",
                    "min_size": "1073741824"
                "/config/data": {
                    "description": "Choose a Share for the data.",
                    "label": "ZM Data Storage",
                    "min_size": "1073741824"

I actually may need to add BOTH events and images

@magicalyak Hello again. I’m a little concerned that if we ‘over do’ the separation it’s get to be overly complicated to setup. As you already have it seems to be a nice split. ie special location for db (as we discussed when you first did the 1.29 Rock-on), because btrfs+db can require special attention, and then another for all the data and config. If the new v1.30 ZM Rock-on mirrors this then we have a communication issue not a technical one.

Also we have the existing User Docs of ZoneMinder Rock-on and if the 2 versions of zm differ re share allocation then we are making our own monster and adding to potential confusion. Especially given you left open the possibility to add additional shares if need be, hence allowing for more advanced configurations if need be.

@glenngould Are you saying that you have no file entries appearing where you might of otherwise found them with @magicalyak 's v1.29 zoneminder Rock-on? Or is this related to your size reporting issue?

Which may just be a current artefact of Raid5/6 use (apologies but yet to investigate further).

Apologies if I’m jumping in here inappropriately.

That’s a good point, you can add storage after and just change the paths in the options to point to them. I don’t think adding 2 new shares would add value or be anything new compared to doing that.

@phillxnet and @magicalyak
Again thanks for your reply .

My whole concern or observation is that during installation you are requested to create two new shares (data & db)…,for v1.29 the events are correctly stored into the “data share” while v1.30 stores the event in none of the created shares. It is stored under “/var/cache/zoneminder/events” as pointed out by @magicalyak

EDIT: I’ve just had time and checked…there are no events at “/var/cache/zoneminder/events” like mentioned by @magicalyak - still unclear to me where they are stored :confounded:

This may be something fixed on the GitHub side. you’re sure the 1.29 doesn’t do the same though?

@magicalyak v1.29 saves all events into an event folder being visible on “zm_data”

In the options, does it show the /config path for the events and images directories (in 1.29)? It may just be that we need to do manually do this in 1.30. Can you try that?


Here is a screenshot how it looks after installation pressing the small fork within the Rockons UI

The path tab from ZM options looks the same as for the previous version v1.29

if you replace events and images with /config/events /config/images
wouldn’t that work?

@magicalyak If you need a cheep camera to test zoneminder with, grab an old cell phone and install IP Web cam on it. Works well with Zone minder, over home wifi network. I had a temporary home security system set up using the 1.29 zoneminder rockon and 4 old phones.

I’ve used the “find” command with regards to “events” with the following output, BUT if I look up within those indicated folders by using “mc”…none of them are visible? I’m doing this as root user…

/mnt2/rm_pool/rock-ons-root2/btrfs/subvolumes/5c7094d30eb16fbc81f72caa2dffde2bec7db06150b3ee80500f47414b2ed419/usr/share/zoneminder/www/eve                                                                                                  nts
/mnt2/rm_pool/rock-ons-root2/btrfs/subvolumes/c884722a366a27141335aac8fa725906b54c8dc955611cbb687577e6c1cebaed/usr/share/zoneminder/www/eve                                                                                                  nts
/mnt2/rm_pool/rock-ons-root2/btrfs/subvolumes/dd705f6374ec539ce0246a71f211cb1d35478459bc63b59dd245da7ebd0e463e/usr/share/zoneminder/www/eve                                                                                                  nts
/mnt2/rm_pool/rock-ons-root2/btrfs/subvolumes/eb5e82b15ee14a848788308f50dcba0d5f7673d897df47defc240138572ae8d4/usr/share/zoneminder/www/eve                                                                                                  nts
/mnt2/rm_pool/rock-ons-root2/btrfs/subvolumes/74c6c62660c98b0541bbe9ec7fd8214435b886799ac5c281ffe5ed0de2ef2874/usr/share/zoneminder/www/eve                                                                                                  nts
/mnt2/rm_pool/rock-ons-root2/btrfs/subvolumes/a4d82a8632705921eb8cf00e08e0033858d6c17ba53f7455c53b7b979f40a737-init/usr/share/zoneminder/ww                                                                                                  w/events
/mnt2/rm_pool/rock-ons-root2/btrfs/subvolumes/a4d82a8632705921eb8cf00e08e0033858d6c17ba53f7455c53b7b979f40a737-init/var/cache/zoneminder/ev                                                                                                  ents
/mnt2/rm_pool/rock-ons-root2/btrfs/subvolumes/a4d82a8632705921eb8cf00e08e0033858d6c17ba53f7455c53b7b979f40a737/usr/share/zoneminder/www/eve                                                                                                  nts

FYI - Attention, it seems ZM asks you after a while for a donation, hidden pop-up which prevents/stops any recording!
…just found out that since 2 weeks nothing was recorded, so I logged into the WebUI and realized this blocked pop-up. -> now it is working again


That might be something we can add in the disclaimer. I didn’t realize that behavior either. I assume the 1.29 version didn’t do this?

I can’t remember, maybe this type of pop-up showed up at the beginning and I set it to “no thanks, never donate” and therefore I faced never this type of unexpected service stop while using 1.29 compared to 1.30.

anyone looked into this again recently (upgrading the rockon repository)? Almost 2 years are over…
It seems there is version 1.30.4 out and on there is versions ongoing 1.31 or 1.32 and even higher…


I’ll look into it, github comments are usually spotted a bit faster than the forums for the rockons.

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