Rock-on stuck on installing


I have a Rock-on (Radarr) that is stuck on installing, no matter how many times I re-boot Rockstor or re-start the Rock-On service. I did a search both here and on the Internet to see if there’s a solution for this but I didn’t find anything useful.

I also tried to remove the config share for the rock-on, in the hopes that it would force the installer to exit with an error but that didn’t help either.

I did see a mention of a script that would force remove a Rock-on but I don’t really know where to find it so any pointers to that would be great.

@MainrtNr5 Hello there.

Maybe this is of use:

Note that @Flox is now the go-to for Rock-on difficulties, time permitting. Given their extensive work in that area in the interim.

That scrips is just a brute force delete and should get you out of the situation you describe.

Also be sure to review our docs on setting up Rock-ons and the rock-ons root. And take care with share rights etc as requirements differ form one Rock-on to another. But all should indicate any special requirements regarding uid / gid etc.

Rock-ons (Docker Plugins):

Hope that helps.


Thanks Phil, appreciate the help and the quick response.

I am aware of the quirks re. Rock-Ons but I have still to understand the intricacies of them (simply because I have zero hands-on experience with containers on Linux).

I’ll give this script a try and see.

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The script did indeed what it should and removed the Rock-On from the DB.

I’ll start with a completely new install, with fresh shares (I think this is where I got it wrong earlier, by re-using an existing config share).

Thanks again.