Rock-On Zoneminder 1.29

Hi all,

I install ZoneMinder_Rock-on but is i shut down the Rockstor server and later i turn it back on. This particular Rock-On does not turn on with the server.
So then i go to turn it on manually and after it tries for a wile it comes back as off.
the work around that i found was to remove it and install it again … it will pick up all my previous setings from the shares.

@paredeso Hello and welcome to the Rockstor community.

Not sure it it will help but have you looked at our ZoneMinder Rock-on doc?

It’s quite detailed and there is a post install config section.

Hope that helps and let us know how you get on.

why are you trying the 1.29 if a more updated 1.30 is out there?

Ok let me give you some background.
Previously I setup a centos server with the latest ZoneMinder. It was operational wit a USB camera. Then I try to add an IP camera. The instructions that I found were using 1.29 so I give it a try using those instructions and it did not work. Then I decided to just store the data of the camera on a NAS. This is when I pick Rockstor. To my surprise it includes ZoneMinder! Then I went straight and test 1.29 since I had already the settings. It worked without issues.
The issue reported when I shut down the server and turn it on again.
I did try to install 1.30 but I recycle the shares from 1.29 and I think that the old data prevent me to succeed. Do I when back and install again 1.29. it worked again.