Rock-ons and shares

I wanted to understand how others running plex, coachpotato, etc…

I have create a share for plex, coachpotato, and for videos. Since plex and coachpotato are containers, they aren’t aware of the video share.

What is the best way to make those containers aware of the videos share?

You can map Rockstor Shares into containers which would then appear as directories inside containers and apps see them in their own way. This is achieved with docker’s volume mapping feature. To map a Share to Plex, turn it off and click on settings/wrench icon. You’ll see Add Storage button. Click and go from there.

Note that not all Rock-ons support extra volumes, but many do.

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It looks like a good tool/feature, but I tried it for Plex and added another share in order to access my media, but I have broken the whole thing in receiving the following message…

There was no way to uninstall Plex as it showed up to be not installed, so I decided to delete all shares and created a new share also for Rockons (itself, linked it again) and now it works again somehow, but still no access out of the Plex Web interface to my media in order to add to the library :frowning:

In addition I’m not able to find a way to remove the old share for Rockons that has been created initially “rock-ons-root” the new one is now “rock-ons-root2”

Thanks @suman_chakravartula but now that I’ve added that share I get the following error when I select “update” from the rockon page

Errors occurred while processing updates for following Rock-ons. Plex: Cannot add/remove volume definitions of the container( as it belongs to an installed Rock-on(Plex). Uninstall it first and try again.

Any option to remove the map later on (or even manually)?