Rock-ons: change environment values after creation


is it possible to change the values entered in the “install” step on some custom rock-on? i didn’t see something related to that in the for the repo. (the values are environment variables)

another question: is it possible to define an optional parameter where to user can, but does not have to enter something?


i too would like to know if this can be done currently.

if we can’t, it should be a feature request

You could try to alter the container config via cmdline.

  • docker ps
  • docker stop <containerid>
  • cd /mnt2/<your_rockons_root>/containers/<containerid>
  • vi ./confic.json (or use nano)
  • vi ./hostconfig.json
  • docker start <containerid>
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that is one way, but its not comfortable for a user in the web ui

in my case i wanted to setup a rockon for cpuminer-opt to use spare cpu time, where proxy is optional and other parameters can be changed quickly via gui to change what and where you mine.

another idea (which currently runs on baremetal ubuntu with some disks) uses spare disk space to farm on the storj network (currently beta). in this case, multiple mounts and access keys to link your pm2 process manager to some fancy web ui might need to get input/changed