Rock Ons, NTP, and Task Scheduler turn off after reboot

Hello, I am having a problem where after a reboot, on the System Services tab, many of the services are turned off that were on before the reboot. I have noticed it with NTP, Rock-Ons, and Task Scheduler. I flip them back to on, and they snap back to off. After clicking on the Services link on the left to refresh the page, NTP and Rock-Ons are on, but Task Scheduler is not. I also have to start the openVPN service after turning Rock Ons back to on.

Thanks for your feedback!

For the Rock-on service persistence, there’s an already open issue.

Task scheduler service is deprecated as of 3.8-4. We made it all a lot simpler by using crond. Just ignore the switch for now, it will go away soon. Checkout the updated documentation by @phillxnet from a few minutes ago.

I verified the NTP behavior, thanks! here’s the issue.

openVPN does restart automatically for me. But I’ve already fixed the other bug from yesterday, so will give it more thorough testing before 3.8-5.