Rock-Ons & Plex Rock-On turned off after shutdown

I keep my RockStor server turned off when not in use, so it doesn’t run 24/7.
Every time I start the server, the Rock-Ons and Plex Rock-On are turned off, so I have to go into the web GUI to re-enable both. It’s very annoying.

I’d like to just turn on the server, knowing that the Rock-Ons and Plex will automatically be active, so that I can go downstairs to start watching my stored media thru Plex.

@vlad1966 Welcome to Rockstor community. Yes this is a know “feature” I’m afraid and as you say a rather annoying one. We have an outstanding issue#721 so this will get attention in time but as the whole rock-on system is really very new things are taking time to work out / settle. I can’t see this being an outstanding issue for long and have taken a quick look at this myself but don’t yet have anything non obvious to contribute to it. I will link to this post in that issue so that you might be updated with any progress.

This is also how I would like the Rock-ons feature to work so it is yet another itch but I’m pretty itchy at the moment :smile:

I just updated to 3.8.6.

Rock-Ons service is now On after reboot or shutdown, but Plex Rock-On is turned Off after each reboot or shutdown

Thanks @vlad1966. I am not creating an issue for this yet, but soon planning to do another iteration of rock-on improvements and I’ll look at this as part of that effort.

Boroken Rockon Auto Restart:

So is this expected behaviour? My ownCloud rockon does not restart and I did not know if that was “by design” or not. Is there a fix any time soon?


They are supposed to auto restart, but there is some basic retry logic that may be failing. I’ll have to take a closer look. So I treat this as a bug and plan to fix as part of other rock-on related work in the queue. This week is a bit slow for me as I’m away. and I seriously doubt any rock-on related changes going into 3.8-9 at this point.

Thank you for your prompt response Suman!