Rock-ONs Snapshot removal

it is possible that I am just not searching with the proper keywords which is causing me to fail in finding info on this but… in the guide it does talk about how the rock-ons are regularly snapped… I am wondering if we can delete these snaps without causing harm to the system. as of now I am about 50% used on the RAID1 array I use for the share that holds my rock-ons but I want to keep it under control if I can… I will do more search later and perhaps make a VM to test on.


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This is a concern of mine too. I don’t have a solution but will be looking into it as part of rock on framework improvements targeted in the up coming release.


Thank you very much for the reply and I look forward to that. Now on to researching another issue I woke up to.


For the future, is it possible to add a “schedule”, i.e. only a shapshot a day. Or automaticly delete snapshots older than the 10 most recently taken? My docker drive is filling up