Rock-ons xrdp server

Are there any real ways to install xrdp server (ubuntu e.g.) on Rock-ons?
For working with documents and browsing.

I want to give up my home computer in favor of terminal sessions from my work laptop


Creating a Rock-on is not an issue in its self, if a docker container for it exists. And it does exist!.

I am not knowledgeable about xrdp server and what kind of requirements it has.
If the window manager in a container will play nice with Rockstor, then you might just be in luck!

You can add your own Rock-on to your Rockstor instance as well as to the rockstor-registry, so every user can enjoy xrdp on their Rockstor instance.
You can find instructions on the rockstor-registry repo: GitHub - rockstor/rockon-registry: hosted registry for Rock-ons


Looking at some of the xrdp containers like the one @aremiaskfa found, the challenge seems to be that they don’t expose a config share, so if a container is updated the config would be lost. The only thing that one seem to expose is the port, but not config shares, but that’s also what makes it so lightweight:

Alternatively, check out this one from which usually has well-behaved containers and continue to update them - i.e. long life-cycle.

There you can define a persistent config share, and perform package updates inside the container (different from how it would usually be done in a docker context). There are a couple of caveats if you replace the container you’ll lose installed apps, but that applies to all of the other xrdp options as well if I read correctly). oh, and it would be available for at least two of our supported architectures x86_64, and arm64