Rockon can not be removed


I was writing the definition for a new rockon.
Now I have installed it. I want to do some modifications.
OK, so I wanted to remove it. I clicked uninstall. The rockon disappears from the list of installed rockons.
But when I go to the start page and back to rockons page, the previously uninstalled rockon is there again.
So I am not able to remove the rockon correctly.

The underlying docker container is removed. docker ps -a does not show it.

So I think the rockon is only there in the UI. Furthermore I am also not able to start it again.

Is the a way to remove the rockon by hand?


Hello @Schrauber

Try docker images see if it will appear there, if it did use docker rmi "Image ID", then try systemctl restart docker. If it didn’t appear try just the restart command and see how it will go.

this says that it’s not running at the moment … not that it’s not there …
We mount shares to docker images to allow a flexible extendability of it (and usually storing configs for what ever changes) … but the physial docker image (through thin provisioning) sits within rockon root share … so if there is an issue that it refuses to remove it self from rockon … posibly you got something left over in docker share … removing this share with all the snapshots will wipe docker clean.