Rockon config broken somehow

So, I’ve played around with the syncthing rockon, which worked fine. Then I dicked around a bit with shares, can’t remember exactly what I did, but it seems I broke the rockon feature on my install.

Whenever I try to install a rockon, it won’t show up in the “Installed” tab. The only thing in the logs is:

==> /opt/rockstor/var/log/rockstor.log <==
[16/Aug/2016 22:56:09] ERROR [storageadmin.views.rockon:81] Rockon(Syncthing) is in pending state but there is no pending or failed task for it.

I’ve followed this advice I found in the forum somewhere, but it didn’t help:

Uninstall all Rock-Ons.
Turn off the Rock-On service
Create a new Share to use as Rock-On root share.
Configure the service to use the new root share
Delete the old root share(you’ll need to delete all the snapshots inside it first)
Start the service
Click Update so all app profiles are updated.
Install your Rock-Ons. Use the same Share mappings to retain app data.

Anybody an idea?

Is there a folder I can delete to re-init the system? Something like that?