Rockon Installation isn't stopping


The installation finally stopped.
A “stop installation” feature would be cool anyway…!


Hi !

I developed a new rock on and the rock on itself is working now.
During the development I’ve changed the the docker image ( the one of my fist try was crashing ) and afterwards I tried to remove the old version but when I try to update the rock-on list I got the following error message:

“Errors occurred while processing updates for following Rock-ons. JDownloader: Cannot change image of the container(jdownloader) as it belongs to an installed Rock-on(JDownloader). Uninstall it first and try again.”

I tried to solve the issue by installing the old version but since there was a bug in it the installation isn’t stopping and I already tried a new rock-on share without any success, every time I restart the rock on service the old version is still in the list telling me that there was an error and I should try to uninstall it…

Here a screenshot of the never ending installation

Thanks for your help!