RockOn Port Mappings seem to be failing

I installed nextcloud as my first RockOn and it worked splendidly. Next I tried to install Bitwarden-rs, and it said it would map port 8881 to port 80, but when I go to the UI using the provided RockOn button post install, it doesn’t resolve.

I then Tried Jellyfin, which says it will map port 8097 to 8096, and thus tries to open the UI at https://rockstor.local:8097 which also fails to resolve. I thought about it for a moment, then just tried 8096 as this is where I run it on my production jellyfin server, and https://rockstor.local:8096 brings me to the Jellyfin Startup Wizard.

Any idea why these RockOn port mappings would not be working?

Thanks, and let me know if there is any logging I can provide, or anything I can try.


Hi @bmcgonag,

I believe we are facing two different problems here, so I’ll answer each separately.

My guess is that you have not setup your SSL/TLS certs as required for this rock-on. If you click on the little “i” icon, you will see the following mention:

As you can see, you need to provide your certificates otherwise it won’t work. The docker image’s author has some instructions on this (linked below), but make note of its disclaimer: it is recommended to use proper certificates as provided by Let’s Encrypt, for instance:

Here, you are unfortunately encountering a current limitation identified rather recently, in which we are not properly accounting for rock-ons, such as Jellyfin, using docker host networking. While we do have an issue opened for this, the current workaround is to ensure the port you enter during the rock-on install wizard matches exactly what it should be. For Jellyfin, it should be:

  • 8096 for HTTP
  • 8920 for HTTPS

The related issue is:

Note that this is a rather high priority one, so it should hopefully be fixed in the not-too distant future. I myself am willing to address it once I can get some more time to spend on time.

Hope this helps,


Yep, totally missed the ‘i’ icon info, so thank you. As for Jellyfin, makes sense. I appreciate it.