Rockon property name expected

I’m trying to build a rockon for the first time. I’m getting the following error when updating the Rockon list in the Rockstor UI, and I don’t see anything wrong?

Error while processing Rock-on profile at /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/docker-dns-rest.json. Lower level exception: Expecting property name: line 29 column 10 (char 1026)

This is my JSON:

“Phensley docker-dns-rest”: {
“description”: “Container DNS rest API”,
“version”: “1.0”,
“website”: “”,
“containers”: {
“phensly_docker-dns-rest”: {
“image”: “phensley/docker-dns-rest”,
“tag”: “latest”,
“launch_order”: 1,
“ports”: {
“53”: {
“description”: “The port for the DNS service”,
“host_default”: 53,
“label”: “DNS Port”,
“ui”: false
“80”: {
“description”: “The port used for the DNS managment rest API”,
“host_default”: 80,
“label”: “Rest API”,
“protocol”: “tcp”,
“ui”: false
“opts”: [ ["–net", “host”],
["-v", “/var/run/docker.sock:/docker.sock”],
["–name", “dns”]],

Would someone help me getting started with Rockon development, please.

@Horatio Welcome to the Rockstor community.

You could try validating your json formatting via a page like:

sometimes it’s just a formatting issue. I tried a cut and paste from the forum but the double inverted commas were odd. Try cutting and pasting from your original and see how it goes.
Also for plain text you can preseed and follow such forum pasts with “```” on a clear line (without those double quotes) when constructing the forum post and it should format better for cut and paste of code type stuff.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, Philip. I corrected the JSON syntax, and an entry for, “Phensley docker-dns-rest” does show up in the Rockon library after copying it to /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore and running an update. -Cheers

@Horatio Glad you got it sorted, at least this far. Once you’ve tested it’s function to be as expected you could consider contributing it to the rockon-registry repo via a GitHub pull request. It may well be that others would find this useful.