Rockon service failed to start


I have installed Rockstor today.
I’ve created several shares.
Then I’ve activated rockon service.
Then I’ve rebooted the server
Disks have changed his names.
Rockon service cannot start now

How to fix it?

UPD: recreating of rockon’s share solves the problem

@alexey First off welcome to the Rockstor community.

What version of Rockstor were you running when you experienced this issue?

We did have a rather tricky to track down problem in earlier releases that we believe is now fixed but yet to be released in the stable channel updates. It may be that you were affected by this, the usual fix was a reboot as that is when the system experienced the drive name changes which upset things; but only on certain systems and certain re-naming sequences and no core developer had access to any system that reliably re-produced this bug. The ‘show’ was empty shares, which would obviously be a problem for the Rock-on service but also apparently rather alarming. However a simply reboot and unless you were very unlucky you would be good to go again. But as of testing channel updates 3.8-14.02 onward this is believed to be fixed.

As the fix was quite deep it has remained in the testing channel updates for qutie some time but is expected to migrate to the next stable channel update.

Hope that helps.

The re-creation step would have forced a drive rescan but a simple re-boot would be safer. Problematic I know but I’m pretty sure this is now sorted in testing channel and the next stable channel release shouldn’t be too much longer.

Also note that directly after an update the docker service is disabled and required to be turned on, or again a reboot restores it’s previous state. This is another know issue to watch out for.