Rockons app update

if a app in the rockons has a update out how do i update to the newest version.thanks

It all depends on how the Rock-on was built.
Usually, those using containers made by, for instance, simply need to be turned off, and then turned back on to automatically update, while others may need more.

Which Rock-on are you inquiring about exactly?

the emby app is telling me to shut down emby and up date.

The buttons in the Server Dashboard won’t unfortunately work in the docker container version of the Ember server, but there’s an easy way to update it nonetheless… see instructions in the post linked below:

Let me know how it goes.

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This worked.thanks very much for the fast replies and help

Hi, I’m curious about updates for Deluge and the Owncloud (old one, not official) rock-ons. Are they automatic also?

Hey guys, thanks for the post, I do follow it and my emby server doesn’t update, I was reviewing the docker manager throw ssh and I see 3 images of the docker, I was thinking maybe is the way that rockstore start the docker, could you please tell me where is the code thath starts the Rock-Ons?, I don’t want to erase a version and stop the service.

Hey guys, I resolved the problem using the Docker Commands, firstly I saw the numbers of containers created and erase all the emby containers (the command:docker container ls -a ) them I listed the images (the command: docker images) and erased the oldest, them I pull the new docker using: docker pull emby/embyserver:latest .

Using the UI, I uninstalled the Rock-On and install again and the Emby server was updated to the latest version using the New Docker version of the Emby.

@Alejandro_Longas_Her Glad you got it sorted and thanks for sharing your work around.

We do have work to be done on our Rock-on system to make it more robust and reports such as this all help.

Cheers. There are also plans to add some ‘advanced’ utilities so one can hopefully, once these are in place, get out of corners such as these via the Web-UI. Obviously best if we can not corner ourselves first but still.