Rockons plans and UI state

I would like to know if further development of the Rockons UI is already planned.
The JSON spec for Rockons seems to be more advanced than the UI.

The spec allows icons but they are not shown.
It also allows version numbers but they are neither shown nor is there an option to update a Rockon if its JSON definition meanwhile contains a newer version number.

@maxhq Hello again.

I think it is definitely a work in progress but I’m not aware of anyone working on it currently.

Yes that would be an excellent first step: are you game to have a go? It would be a welcome addition.
And quite timely as it goes as I noticed that an outstanding pull request has made use of this very feature

That one is considerably more tricky please see the discussion on the same in the now closed but uncommitted RFC type pull request by @Flyer:

@suman and myself have also chipped in on that pull request with ideas but it has not progressed since then. I still favour the idea I presented there as it would be compatible with software that handled it’s own updates; so long as the included version retrieval command continued to function that is. We currently have around 49 Rock-ons so it wouldn’t be a small task but it also needn’t be done all in one go either.

See what you think, and if you do take this up please open an issue / issues in the appropriate GitHub repos and announce your intentions there as then we can avoid duplicated effort.

Hi @phillxnet and thank you very much for your detailed answer!

I am sorry to say that I do currently not have any time for hobby projects… 24h -sleep -baby -work = 0 :slight_smile:
Also although I am able to trace bugs I am not really deep into the Python frameworks.
If I find some time I will look into the PR and think about how it could be done.

@maxhq No worries. It’s bound to catch someones attention sooner or later and this thread has only helped.

Cheers and I hope the indicated hour tally stays at least >= 0 :slight_smile: