Rockstor 3.8-14 is now available!

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to announce that Rockstor 3.8-14 is now available! I like to brag that We’ve had 8 different contributors pitching in for this release as you can see in detail in the dev log!

Special thanks to @phillxnet for the HDD power down interface and some foundational improvements he never seems to shy away from :slight_smile: My favourite is @Flyer’s log browser and download manager for it’s simple and snappy feel. Many thanks to @ganti_priya for her meticulous work on revamping UI with handlebar templates and contributing numerous improvements. Also thanks to @ScarabMonkey, @maxhq and others for their contributions. Needless to say, it’s been a lot of fun and a great feeling to close out and start fresh on the next one!

We’ve also added a new support portal for paying users. Please click over to the announcement blog post for details!

Please support our effort by subscribing to stable updates. Here’s a discount code for first 25 subscribers. ROCKSTOR3814. Also, we’d love to sell you some Rockstor gear. Please head over to the shop!


congrats for the new update but I’ve got a small problem with upgrading mit current installation. A ‘yum upgrade’ doesn’t find any new packages. A ‘yum clean all’ changed the mirror from euserv to leaseweb but it stil doesn’t find any new packages.

Maybe I’m just too impatient and not all mirrors are up to date yet… :wink:

Update still not available on my side…WebUI or terminal

Just a quick note of the Rockstor-3.8-14.iso checksums:-
the md5

md5sum Rockstor-3.8-14.iso 
a3ca87e90023c8059c93d9eae84e452f  Rockstor-3.8-14.iso

and the sha256

sha256sum Rockstor-3.8-14.iso 
231717bf9f4d19bb702ac0b4fc25a78557309d57b063a4c001a4b8d59dcfa90b  Rockstor-3.8-14.iso
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Glad to hear Suman. Any idea when will be available for auto update? My update page still says: System is running the latest Rockstor version: 3.8-13.

Thanks for the great work!

I’m in the same boat as @m3elloa

Sorry @m3elloa @Yoshi @glenngould and @aehinson, my mistake. It should be available now. Let me know if there are any issues.

Thanks @phillxnet, for integrity checks!

Thanks. Update available and running it now. Will report in case of any issues.


So, is this considered a stable release?

Works fine now, thank you :slight_smile:

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I had the same issue but after a “yum update” in the console and a reboot it looks fine. :slight_smile:

Great to see that the dashboard network activity view now works in Firefox as well.
I guess issues found in 3.8-14 should be reported in separate threads for each issue found?