Rockstor-3.9.0.iso really installs Rockstor 3.8.16-16

Don’t know if this goes into Bugs or Installations, but here goes. I downloaded the Rockstor-3.9.0.iso from SourceForge for a fresh install. Instead of installing Rockstor-3.9.0 as the iso is called, it really installs Rockstor-3.8.16-16.

checksums for the ISO:

md5 Rockstor-3.9.0.iso
MD5 (Rockstor-3.9.0.iso) = 7ab2c5fb6374f6d3f663aea7d35c3de4

shasum -a 256 Rockstor-3.9.0.iso
45e112400650834cc00c08090c2e6e2bbd8d8c607d3680258be8dc456a664284 Rockstor-3.9.0.iso

Same issue with the torrent.

Hi all,
last word to @suman, but I’m quite sure that 3.8.16-16 it’s a kind of typo!

Don’t be afraid about that 3.8.16-16, because 3.9.0 on stable branch / new iso is equal to testing channel last update 3.8.16-16.
If on a testing channel version will update


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@mrseth1, @Fandu, and @Flyer: chipping in here on this one to backup @Flyer assertion:
3.8.16-16 testing channel release (last in that channel’s run towards becoming 3.9.0) was:

where the following was added:

if we follow the single commit in that pull request we have:

which also shows the 3.9.0 tag. Hence code version 3.9.0 shared with last in testing channel updates.
I.e. code tags represent the stable release versions:

Then we begin the 3.9.1 dev log of the testing channel via the 3.9.0-1, 3.9.0-2, and 3.9.0-3 releases so far.

Hence 3.8.16-16 testing channel release became 3.9.0 via the code tag.

So I also suspect aesthetic omission in included rpm (version number displayed in top right) of the 3.9.0.iso image.

So confusing but ultimately ‘mostly harmless’.

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