Rockstor-3.9.0 - USB Install Disk Using Rufus Not Working

I am attempting to install Rockstor for the first time and I am experiencing some challenges. After I create my bootable thumb drive using rufus, the only option it gives me is to install CentOS.

The end result pulls up an install menu for CentOS. If I move forward, a bunch of Linux icons appear and the install eventually times out. I never see the Rockstor load screen. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rufus sucks. Use Win32DiskImager instead.

@Twisted and @tobb555 there is also the Quick start guide in our official docs. There we have a Making a Rockstor USB install disk which has several recommendations for all major operating systems as well as a link to our:

Rockstor USB install disk using Rufus where it specifies a required setting for Rufus (otherwise it fails). Haven’t used it myself though but as @tobb555 intimated it has non sane defaults for Rockstor use.

Hope that helps

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@tobb555 & @phillxnet I tried Win32DiskImager & liveusb-creator & Rawrite32, they all produce the same results. I must be doing something wrong.

@Twisted Welcome to the Rockstor community forum by the way.
Have you had a look at the docs Installation section? It has a couple of YouTube links and a link to our Rockstor in Virtual Machine Manager guide, all of which will should show what to expect, though they are all a little dated now. After having a look at these could you maybe describe more where things are diverging for you. You could even try an install in a virtual machine to familiarize yourself which what is ‘supposed’ to happen and there by get more of an idea of where things are not working out on your particular setup.

Hope that helps. Looks like you have ruled out the usb key writing software anyway.

Have you also checked the integrity of your downloaded image? Check Integrity of Downloaded ISO File and the following section Checking the Install Media.

Maybe an image / pic of what it looks like when things are not looking ‘right’ and the exact steps you took to get there?

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