Rockstor 3 to Rockstor 4

So I am in the process of deploying a new Rockstor 4 node. I have this node all setup and ready to deploy but I do have one question. The disks that this node will be using are coming out of a Rockstor 3 node on version 3.9.2-57. Previously I have been able to move all disks from one rockstor node to another and reimport the disks into the new node. Does this same process apply to moving between rockstor 3 and 4? Anything to look out for?

Disks are currently in a raid 10 configuration. 8x12TB.

Thank you!

@kingwavy Hi yes I have done exactly this (although with not as many disks, and was a relatively simple 2-disk raid1 setup). It worked fine for me, and I always have a backup just in case. If all the array members are connected, importing from one should bring the whole lot into play.
I assume you have effective backups, in case the worst happens?


This is good news. All data is backed up but I just want to avoid the wasted time of a restore :slight_smile: