Rockstor 4 x86_64 Installer Build Observations

Although I need to spend some more time with the Pi4 build testing (observations in another similar titled post), I thought I’d give the x86_64 route a try for fun while I had a spare hour.

The installer recipe worked without hitch (installer built in a VM and Rockstor 4 installed to another VM). Selected Testing Channel and update happened to 4.0.2-0.

So far functionally seems to do what I expect it to, which is nice.

So, somewhat shorter observations that I have with my current Pi4 build, but thought I’d just give another thumbs-up for the installer build process.




@GeoffA Thanks for yet another installer test run.

I’m due later today to add another patch to the installer actually, just grub text related one. But other than that it’s looking like we are nearing a release state on both the installer and the rpm. But also some pending patches to the rockstor rpm also in the works which should surface in an update soon. So keep an eye out for them also. That would make Release Candidate 4.

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Cool, thanks @phillxnet I shall look out for those.