Rockstor and ethernet adapter

I installed a 10Gbe adapter in my DL380, but Rockstor won’t load it. It shows as “ens2” under nmcli. But here’s what I get:

#nmcli connection show
enp3s0f0 57bb7985-5ba4-4e70-b984-244b45b37820 802-3-ethernet enp3s0f0
Wired connection 1 ad302a83-255a-36c4-a0f3-a23e61b0beb9 802-3-ethernet –
enp3s0f1 626cdb04-6e42-4c53-80d8-a50d7da968d8 802-3-ethernet –
enp4s0f0 dee650b2-f692-4771-b8ed-9ef5b1fab53e 802-3-ethernet –
enp4s0f1 fabfda22-c06d-42f2-b60a-f219517b976a 802-3-ethernet –

#nmcli device status
enp3s0f0 ethernet connected enp3s0f0
enp3s0f1 ethernet disconnected –
enp4s0f0 ethernet disconnected –
enp4s0f1 ethernet unavailable –
ens2 ethernet unavailable –
lo loopback unmanaged –

#nmcli device connect ens2
Error: Failed to add/activate new connection: Connection ‘ens2’ is not available on the device ens2 at this time.

ens2 is my new 10Gbe adapter. How would I go about getting a connection on it? I’m not getting a link between the adapter and the switch, but I figure that’s because the host won’t bring up the interface.

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide.

What 10Gbe adaptor did you buy? Can you post the contents of lspci -v?

It’s a Mellanox, but as it turns out, it isn’t working because my co-worker put the wrong transceiver in the switch, and so the card is just sitting. Rockstor now recogizes that it’s there, but it is not active.