Rockstor and Private Internet Access

Hi everyone

I have to say thanks for the rockstor team for such an awesome product, Im really loving it. My abilities in Linux are a little bit lacking so Im coming here hat in hand to ask for some advice. I have a PIA account and i was wondering if i follow the guide to setting up the connection using centos 7 will this work?

will it mean that all traffic going from/to the internet to the NAS will be encrypted? will that break local LAN access? do i use the openvpn server or do i only need this if i intend to connect remote devices to the NAS through the net?

any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


OK so I probably should have read the documentation, but when you install the openvpn docker you can login to the admin panel at https://YOUR-IP:943, instead i sshed in and installed openvpn using the above guide and i then had openvpn running in port https://YOUR-IP:1194 as well. Not knowing much about linux i wasnt sure if i had two openvpn services running so i erased the one i installed from ssh. Im just about to try configuring the connection from the open vpn admin pages. Ill let you know if i have any success.