Rockstor as a VM with Virtual Drives

This might be a really dumb question but I’ve only just heard about Rockstor and had a read through some of the docs and the main website “marketing” pages and saw no mention of this.

Is Rockstor okay to run as a virtual machine using virtual disks to store the data, instead of using physical disks, probably passed through on a HBA card?
I know TrueNAS and ZFS in general get a bit iffy about running as a VM and using virtual disks instead of the physical disks directly.

If you search the forum for “Proxmox” or “ESXi” you will find some threads on this topic. Depending on settings and the hardware you would use it might work without a hitch or you might encounter some issues as found in those threads. Rockstor was designed for bare metal so especially for higher RAID levels the benefits of btrfs being able to detect and remedy hardware issues is then removed.

So, can be done, but you need to be aware of the trade-offs.