Rockstor boot drive failure unable to startup rockstor

My rockstor server crashed and its not starting up. I get the following error at startup. My boot drive is a usb hdd and I have 4 drives configured as RAID 6. The error seems to be coming from my boot drive.

BTRFS: device label rockstor_rockstor devid i transid 266339 dev/sde3
BTRFS info (device sde3): disk space caching is enabled
BTRFS error (device sde3): parent transid verify failed on 161382400 wanted 266339 found 263210
BTRFS error (device sde3): parent transid verify failed on 161382400 wanted 266339 found 263210
BTRFS: failed to read tree root on sde3
BTRFS: open_ctree failed.

I tried doing btrfs check --repair that fails too with the following error
Couldn’t setup extent tree
Couldn’t setup device tree
Couldn’t open file system.

Any ideas on how to recover from this? Do I have to start over with a fresh install on another drive? If so amI going to lose all my data on the other drives?


@SatishI Welcome to the Rockstor forum.

Unless you specifically opted for using the rockstor_rockstor pool for any of your shares, all your data should be on the non system disks so it should be OK. You will lose some settings, and possibly all of them if you have no recent config backup file downloaded from Rockstor, but your data should be fine. You could always disconnect all the data drives (with the machine powered off), go through the re-install / first subsequent boot setup then shutdown, reconnect the data drives exactly as they were and then boot up and import them via the Disk page import icon. Hopefully the Reinstalling Rockstor section of the Docs should help here.

Given the relative ease of re-installing and assuming you made no use of the rockstor_rockstor pool for your data, then a simple re-install may well be the easiest route, also not necessarily another drive, unless this one is suspect in hardware / SMART reporting or just no longer trusted.

Hope that helps.