Rockstor CLI?

When I ssh in to rockstor as the admin user, I don’t get the rockstor cli, I just get bash. how do you start the rockstor cli?

Rockstor CLI is not up to par with the feature set, besides it doesn’t work out of the box as you found out. Any particular reason you want to use the CLI?

Well, coz it’s mentioned in the docs :wink: And also because I wanted to change the samba/cifs workgroup, and figured this might be the safer option.

haha fair enough. we’ve been focusing on other features that we all need more than the cli. we’ll definitely get to your samba request soon and at least update the docs.

@blowback You will I hope be please to know that we have now removed the Rockstor specific CLI components from the docs. Deprecated for the time being. Should have done it earlier really but at least it’s done now and should serve to reduce further frustration in that department at least. :smile:

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