Rockstor conflict with Seafile?

I installed rockstor and seafile on the same computer , can not access two URLs at the same time.

as follows:
1, install rockstor (Rockstor-3.8-10.iso)
2,it’s ok to access rockstor(ip
3,install seafile on the same computer(port 8888)
4,there is some mistakes:
4.1 access rockstor( , it’s ok
4.2 access seafile( ,it’s also ok
4.3 but when rescan rockstor URLs, i need re-login
4.4 then rescan seafile URLs, need re-login
4.5 thus when access seafile or reckstor URLs, i must re-login

i have changed the seafile port(8888), it remains the same.

Why is there such a restriction ? It can not be used as such?

Hi @Denzel

This is not a bug but how certificate validation works on the client(your browser) side. The Rockstor server and seafile server both have the same url(, but they have their individual certificates. So, when your browser goes to Rockstor web-ui, it fetches the Rockstor cert and invalidates the seafile cert and vice versa. So whenever you switch between Rockstor and Seafile, the previous cert is invalidated prompting you to re-login.

You can change the certificate in Rockstor(System -> SSL Certficate). Not sure if Seafile lets you change it’s cert, but if you make both of these certs same I think you won’t have this issue.

Thank you for your reply , i will try again.