Rockstor fails to update the rock-ons page in the webgui

Hello. I have some troubles with the update button in the rock-ons page. Everytime i try to update it get this error

“Errors occurred while processing updates for following Rock-ons.
Plex: Cannot add/remove volume definitions of the container(plex) as it
belongs to an installed Rock-on(Plex). Uninstall it first and try again.”

I have tried to uninstall plex (as the error message suggests), and then the update works. However, as soon as I install plex again, i get the same error.

I dont know if it is related, but everytime i use the webgui to stop plex, it stops with the message “Current status: exitcode: 137 error:”.

Any ideas?

Im using the 3.8-12 version and the stable channel.


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I have the same problem :frowning:

I assume this needs to be fixed by the rockstor developers. you can of course delete things via terminal, but this wouldn’t update the django db and therefor not the UI - so I guess it’s best to wait…