Rockstor Founder Speaking at Oscon2015 - 20 July

Rockstor’s founder, our very own @suman, will be speaking at Oscon | Portland this year and discussing how to build the ultimate open source personal cloud platform.

Topics covered include:

  • share what we learned
  • challenges we face
  • current status of the project
  • discuss ideas and possibilities

Date and Time:
20 July 2015, 8-9pm PST


For more information, visit

If you are already going to the conference, please contact me. I’ll be there all week starting Sunday.

If you are not going to the conference, but are in Portland, I’d be open to a meetup, impromptu event or even discuss Rockstor over beer and hangout. Yes, there are things I’d do for Rockstor and then there are things I’d do for Beer :smile:

That was fun, thanks to everyone that came by and participated in a really stimulating discussion. I not only wanted to share information about Rockstor, but also hoped to learn a few things to incorporate into our efforts. I am glad to say that I got more than a few pointers and suggestions. So thanks again!

@suman Well done. Are there any video or audio recordings, I don’t see anything on rockstorinc YouTube channel; or was it not that sort of thing. Thanks.

@phillxnet unfortunately not. It was low key and even the projector did not work. There was no time to setup before had as there was another BoF right before this one. I had a five minute lightning talk prepared but couldn’t project the slides. The crowd was not interested in slides anyway and jumped right into more important matters.

Dude! I just saw this post that you’re in town. I live just outside of Portland. Let me know if you want to grab some beers still.

@baggar11 Sounds good to me. Please send me a PM or email to and we’ll coordinate.