Rockstor Hardware Solutions

Hello Everyone!

I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Amir and I’m working with Suman to try and grow Rockstor hardware offerings.Currently we have limited our hardware sales and were wondering what you would think would be the best thing we can offer to all Rockstor users.

If you have any hardware needs you think would be useful please let us know and we will evaluate what we can offer in the Rockstor Shop.

Thank you,

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Hi @aliaamir,
on Rockstor actually we have usb keys Rockstor ready, mSatas and an out-of-the-box Rockstor Pro 8 station, my suggestion:

have at least 1 low, 1 mid-level and 1 enterprise box tested & certified by Rockstor :slight_smile:

This will help moving to the “next” level (not mainly thinking to Rockstor as an home storage env)


@Flyer Thank you for reply :slight_smile:

Currently we offer PCIe mSATA adapter cards, mSATA SSD and the Rockstor complete systems. Few questions for everyone:

  • Are there other hardware accessories users would like to offer?
  • Among the mSATA SSDs, what storage sizes would people like to see in our shop?

We will be looking into an enterprise level solution that would be favorable to our users as well.

If there are any more suggestions we’re open to hearing them

Thank you,