Rockstor in a working environment or "How i remembered myself i can code!"

Hi all,
I decided to write my user story because I really don’t like what i sometimes read on the web about btrfs (lots of people always talking about btrfs, maybe without testing it, like a young fs - today are nearly 8 years it’s considered this, great btrfs, you’ll be a forever young!..) and some partisan comparison made with Rockstor and others “famous” systems (…)

  • First time I found Rockstor (nearly one year ago) i decided for “others” because Rockstor had partial AD functions/integration, but nowadays it’s really different :slight_smile:

  • After long testing and reading up I was frustrated and bored specially because of “others” (we kindly call them just “others”) min system requirements (while getting instead Samba blooding to 60MB/s over a Gigabit net) and forum/company representatives “nice” attitudes found online (“Always use tons of ram, min. 8 GB + 2 GB for AD integration”, common rule in a forum: “Don’t ask and don’t cry for lost data if your sys doesn’t satisfy min requirements or if you run it in a VM”)

  • I don’t use Rockstor in an home environment, but in a working environment of 50+ users with particular needs for data consistency, backups and protection against deletions (Court of Milan - Legal auctions institute)

  • Actually my Rockstor VM handles only a part of our docs (testing it on ~150K out of ~450K files, 10-20 KB to GB sizes), but only because of me and not Rockstor itself (Proxmox environment, waiting to move all data to real disks then pass them to Rockstor with disk passthrough, trying to get smart etc etc)

  • When i came back to Rockstor - although i had left it, i was curious!! - i told myself “Ok, if something is missing or need fixes…code it! Remember you can do it and you are not only a sys admin doing shell scripts” - really enjoyed it because I found again that passion, in a really friendly context! (not a “one-man-show” like many others)

Just for fun and comparison with other systems, this is the VM actually running Rockstor and serving ~150K over Virtio disks to 50+ users:



This is a great post, proves what I believe about FOSS movement. We are grateful for your contributions @Flyer and happy to hear you are finding the community to be friendly. It may not always be easy, but we should all keep it that way. Would you be interested in elaborating this sentiment in a blog post? You can write on our blog. I’d be happy to publish it.

Hi @suman, be sure I’ll do that :slight_smile: , just explain me how.

Love this!! lol

Great post and glad to see more and more believers in BTRFS!!

Hey, I’ve created an account for your on our blog. You should have received a link to get started via e-mail. PM me if you haven’t or have any more questions. Really looking forward to your post!