Rockstor installation questions

does the rockstor have the orca screen reader package also if I am going to have a rade of two drives do I need a third drive for system function

Youll need a 3rd drive for the OS yes. The OS Drive can be very small. I was using a 20GB mSata drive up until recently. I used that for probably 6 years? and it was great.

I know people have used USB sticks but i believe thats not recommended.


@jwarn0266 welcome to the Rockstor community. As far as I know, a screen ready extension/package has not been part of the Rockstor package yet. I might be wrong, but i believe, the orca packages are specifically for Gnome/KDE, etc. and not necessarily for custom developments. But the short answer is, no, it’s not installed on the Rockstor appliance.

It’s certainly something that could be considered, once the major overhaul of the Rockstor underpinnings are complete and more focus can be put once again on the UI and its usability.

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