Rockstor installed on the wrong drive

I installed Rockstor on a server with a PCI-ex 16gb mmc drive and 6 x 250gb sata drives. Despite having specifically changed the drive order in the BIOS and definitely selecting the 16 PCI-ex drive in the installer, Rockstor decided to use one of the 250s.

I now want to migrate the OS pool to where it belongs. Normally I would just create the relevant partions, copy the data over, reboot with a USB stick, mount, chroot and update-grub but I imagine is slightly more complex with the OS pool so what is the recommended method? I don’t want to reinstall because I don’t trust it to do the right thing. Any advice appreciated.

I’ve transferred to the correct drive, fixed grub issues and reboot successfully however I now have the problem that Samba won’t load apparently due to a dependency which I’m thinking is bootstrap which also won’t load. Any help?

Error message: Max attempts(15) reached. Connection errors persist. Failed to bootstrap. Error: Internal Server Error: No JSON object could be decoded,

Can someone move this to troubleshooting please?

You assumption is correct in that samba service depends on bootstrap. An API call made from bootstrap service is failing and it could be due to a change in IP, for example. the complete output of systemctl status -l rockstor-bootstrap could be helpful. Also, if you can send logs(/opt/rockstor/var/log/) to, I’ll take a look.

Can you attach the file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg from your rockstor box, I want to see what drive it shows there.

HI, I resolved this late last night. My new rockstor_rockstor pool didn’t have quotas enabled. Once I enabled quotas on /mnt2/rockstor_rockstor and recalculated the quotas I was able to start bootstrap and samba.

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