Rockstor iso download mismatch


I have had some trouble getting Rockstor properly installed and configured and have tried to eliminate as many unknowns as possible. Last step was to download the 3.8-14 iso several times from different mirrors. I got two versions of the 3.8-14.iso file, different size (and different MD5 signature)

The two versions of the are:

  • 763.4 MB MD5:a3ca87e90023c8059c93d9eae84e452f (default mirror for me)
  • 762.3 MB MD5:baf838e0489591b3d4bd9d1915e7e503 (HEAnet)

I don’t think anyone should install Rockstor on any machine before this is sorted out. Please publish - on the download page - the MD5 signatures of all iso’s and sort out the download mirror problems

On the Sourceforge page; the “download latest” button is the 3.8-13, while the -14 iso appears further down the list. This is likely to lead to confusion

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Sourceforge has been particularly painful this time around. I’ve contacted them about latest not pointing to 3.8-14, but the reply was “it should work”. Uploading 3.8-14 ISO via web failed multiple times. That’s why we have the download page link directly to 3.8-14. BTW, here’s the right MD5: a3ca87e90023c8059c93d9eae84e452f

Having a list of md5s on the main website is a good idea. We’ll do that. I’ll contact Sourceforge about download mirror problems, hope they can sort it out. You can also try downloading from the torrent. I am seeding it and it seems a few others also might be.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi again

I’m downloaded with 11 peers @ up to 7MB/s so that’s probably going to be a better alternative than SourceForge. However; the MD5 hash for the first attempt was ae8b729f7fb5c47d80ba94ca322aa6be, size 763.4 MB. Tried a second time and got MD5:a3ca87e90023c8059c93d9eae84e452f (correct)

@peter These 2 file sizes and md5sum results are consistent with versions 3.8-14.iso and 3.8-13.iso respectively so I suspect you were caught out by the failure of Sourceforge to correctly update the lastest link as @suman stated and assumed both files were 3.8-14.iso. Otherwise it is strange indeed. Are you certain that the 762.3MB file was originally named Rockstor-3.8-14.iso and not just re-named on the fly by accident / expectation during the download process. Otherwise it’s pretty strange that it’s size and md5sum match the previous official iso release exactly.

Also agree with md5sum on download page and we have an open issue on the same:

We have however with the last few releases published both the md5sum and sha256sum of official images in their respective forum announcement thread, if a little belatedly with some releases.

No ideas on the wrong md5sum with the torrrent, I didn’t think that was even possible with a completed torrent.
Anyone else have any ideas on @peter 's incorrect torrent md5sum.

Just want to update that SF got back to me and they have corrected the settings so 3.8-14 is served as the default latest download. md5sum also matches. You can click on Browse All files on the rockstor project page and click on the i icon to see what the md5sum and sha1 of the correct file should be. When we upload, we do make sure that they are correct.



Sounds great. However, what I did was to download the files into separate directories and then run md5sum Rockstor-3.8-14.iso from the terminal. I wrote that once and repeated the same command “arrow up” each time. Since the MD5’s matches -14 and -13 respectively, there must have been a mixup in naming such that all my 3.8-14.iso files where either -14 or -13. Somewhere, some -13.iso files must have been renamed -14.iso.

Great! Thanks!
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