Rockstor Live Demo not working - why?

Is there any specific reason why the Demo link ( is not working since a while and it will not be fixed?

This would give lots of possible new users the chance to try the live demo and to join Rockstor much quicker or with more convenience to do so :slight_smile:


I agree. I am not willing to wipe out my working NAS system to test Rockstor when I can’t even see it first.

I’ll admit that I, too, tried to check this “Demo” the first time before downloading the iso and commit.
However, I could easily try a full install in a quick VM without a problem (Link to Documentation), including from a windows machine using VirtualBox.
You may want to give it a try as it will probably let you test a lot more things than the Demo.


Sure VM give you even more possibilities…

I think regardless which options are possible to explore Rockstor layout and features…if you offer a “Demo Button” on the website it should work otherwise simply remove it.

Any dead link on any website looks not professional!

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I agree with you on that… I actually had a similar feeling the first time I looked at Rockstor. I was trying to better understand the differences between FreeNAS and Rockstor at the time, and was excited to see a Demo link at first, but a little disappointed to see it was only a dead link (especially after reading some outdated comparisons between both systems where the development of FreeNAS is proclaimed a lot more active than Rockstor).
Maybe this link could be removed, or point to the VM section in the documentation.

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Hi all,
probably there’s a problem whit the service hosting Rockstor Live Demo, so better call @suman


Demo still not working? How should I believe Rockstor is a reliable solution if even a product demonstration on the front page remains unfixed for 3 weeks…?

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Please fix the demo!

Still not working? What a joke