Rockstor mounting port as a samba

which ports does rockstor use interms of mounting as samba…etc

@ted21889 Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

My apologies but I don’t quite understand your question. It may be that others similarly don’t quite see what you are asking about. Our Samba setup is pretty much generic and we don’t change any default network ports in it’s implementation. If we did it wouldn’t be samba as all clients usually know it.

Also, as a NAS, we normally do the exporting of samba mounts. We have no Web-UI capability to mount samba shares originating from another samba server.

Hope that helps.

Apologies…Lemme explain in details…I had a rockstor setup and fully functional but after a while I noticed that it was being attacked externally soo i have blacklisted most of the common ports and only whitelisting particular ip addresses at a time…but still am getting warnings …which ports do rockstor use?

@ted21889 Are OK; I get it now. Essentially we use default ports for all services. So if you use samba then lookup samba ports. If you need ssh access, likewise look that port-use up as well, all as and where needed. And for the slightly more exotic replication service, this is again configurable so again you can set to what you deem appropriate, or go with the default, and in turn allow in your firewall arrangement, be it local or network based.

Our updates call out on port 8999 but that is outgoing. And our Web-UI is configurable port wise although I think we may have some bugs in that area as it’s been a while since that code was last examined. But by default the Web-UI is default for https, i.e. 443.

Hope that helps.