"Rockstor" my new NAS OS?

Hi all,

I used a couple of NAS solutions in the past. I have owned 2 Synology boxes. I Experimented with freeNAS, Openmediavault and at the moment I’m running a unRAID server. I used unRAID on and off but it’s not the solution what I’m looking for. I want to build a new storage solution that is going to replace the unRAID server. In my opinion Rockstor looks very interesting! I found this NAS OS a year ago since then I follow the development a bit. Recently I joined the forums with a couple of questions about SMR drives and RAID 5/6. I really like to use cheap SMR drives like the seagate archive 8TB in a RAID 5 or 6 setup.

I’m going to order this case for my Rockstor storage server. It’s a Xcase RM424 Pro.

Specifications / videos


I’m thinking of a motherboard of Supermicro X10SRL-F. It’s a motherboard for the Xeon E5 platform.


Reason for using a Xeon E5 is that it has to power a Plex Media Server docker container.

I have 3 IBM ServerRAID cards lying around going to flash those to IT mode.

Also lying around 4 6 TB Western Digital Reds

I also have 4 8 TB Seagate Archive drives.

If you have suggestions please let me know! :slight_smile:

I’m now testing Rockstor in virtualbox and I’m pleasantly surprised! Good job! The interface looks very clean and it’s very intuitive.

I really looking forward to build this new server with Rockstor as OS.

Update may 31, 2016. Added info Rockstor build.

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Hi Marcel @MvL , first of all welcome to Rockstor Community.

Personally I’m pleased to read your moving to Rockstor and I think it’s the same for Rockstor maintainer @suman and other developers @phillxnet and @ganti_priya.

Finally, I had the same approach to Rockstor: looking to it for some months than moved to it while deciding to contribute on coding :slight_smile:


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Hi Mikro Arena @Flyer, thank you for the warm welcome.

Finally, I had the same approach to Rockstor: looking to it for some months than moved to it while deciding to contribute on coding :slight_smile:

I’m not a coder although I find it very interesting and I have subscription at teamtreehouse.com. Maybe I can contribute in a other way…

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Everyone can contribute by testing, reporting user experience & suggestions and opening issues over Rockstor Github page

@Flyer, I also found this Contributing to Rockstor. Interesting read.

You’re right, i forgot about that! :wink:

Update first post with build information.

Thanks for this post @MvL! Please do share your experience with your new system. I am sure others may want to replicate your setup. And feel free to share your ideas, suggestions and test results even though you may not be a coder. If it interests you, documentation is a great way to contribute as well :slight_smile:

Testing Rockstor again!

To support the project I bought a 3 year subscription. :slight_smile:

As I said before Rockstor is really interesting. The only show stopper at the moment is no RAID 5 / 6 support. That decided my to leave for awhile.

Also I’m interested to know how Rockstor (BTRFS) handle SMR drives but I’ve made a separate post for that question.

Edit: Not sure but how do I update the first post?


We know about that, “fortunately” not a Rockstor fault: I say “fortunately” because not a Rockstor bug/issue so we’re “happy” about that, but a more genereal Btrfs matter - Btrfs developers are working on it and I think it’s a major one they hope to solve asap!

To edit posts: there’s a pencil next to link icon and “…” icon, but I found it missing on my old may 16 post to, so probably to old to edit @suman ?


Hi @Flyer,

certainly not a “RockSTOR” (I like the capital letters in the word STOR. Maybe a idea?) issue but a BTRFS issue. Good to hear that they working on it. I’m going to subscribe to the BTRFS kernnel group so I can ask and monitor the progress.

Indeed the post is maybe to old to edit. If I continue to use “RockSTOR” and the there is a good change I will. I want to share my build.

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