Rockstor & Mythtv

As a matter of opinion would it be better to try and graft MythTV in at the Centos end of the system or try to build a Rockon for it. There is a small amount of Docker work for MythTV already.

Is a BTRFS system like this even suitable for media recording?

Just to add a little to the discussion. I already run a Mythbuntu 14.04 virtual machine off a RockStor hosted samba share. I’m running it with no compression and no data cow. It seems to do just fine while serving 2 frontends via Kodi + mythtv addon.

Generally speaking, without nodatacow, performance would probably be better versus a virtual machine image. You’d just be recording and then deleting, I assume.

I had to look up what nodatacow was!! To speed up writes of the stream (simulates ext3/4) Where is the mythbuntu virtual, on a docker or at least on the Centos thats running Rockstor?

I live in NZ where much is still watched on terrestrial - and the adverts are horrendous so skipping them is a must. I have already done this for years on a dedicated HTPC but am looking for a lower power solution that also performs as an NAS. I have even thought of putting on the Windows 7 HTPC and using that as an NAS (perhaps mirroring to oneDrive)

On the oneDrive subject I think I will abandon that as
a) You cannot enable the visibility of file extensions without simply doubling them like test.doc.doc and
b) As usual It’s not case sensitive.

However I still intend to mirror the nas to a commercial cloud

I have a Proxmox storage host that I use to virtualize RockStor and OpenMediaVault. I also have another Proxmox host for my other vm’s. Both hosts are connected to the RockStor and OpenMediaVault shares for migration.

My suggestion, build a nice low powered server and stick it in the closet/garage. Then use some Raspberry Pi’s for your frontends to access the data. Kodi works great as a frontend on them.

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Interesting idea, but I still have to squeeze mythtv in it to get the tuners working. I certainly have no intention of spending a kings ransom on overpriced commercial NAS boxes with low-end mobile processors in them!

What’s your budget? You certainly don’t need to spend a king’s ransom to build a server/nas.

EDIT: Also, if you aren’t already, think about grabbing an HDHomerun network based tuner. They work great.

I have a 5 year old AMD AM3 machine I am using, with 4 sata ports on it (plus parallel ATA - can I get them any more?). All the new mobos and cpus at least in NZ are designed for speed not power consumption. You just cant buy low power stuff here! I have got the average power down to just over 40w with a decent power supply. Wouldn’t mind it better though. I already have a Hauppauge PCIExpress dual tuner in use on a Media Centre box (also 5 years old) plus I had a WinTV Nova T- stick which my son seems to have lost and I’m searching for. The market for these has also dried up over here and you can’t get them any more. Everybody is just buying more boxes from JB Hifi or wherever to litter around the TV!
I have become ware of the HD Homerun which is available over here. That does seem like a reasonable backroom solution.

Well that’s a bummer. You can’t get an Supermicro or AsRock c2550/c2558 or c2750/c2758 boards there at all? Even something like an Intel j1900 or j2900 based board would probably work fine.

I’ve looked. This is a tiny market. All the mobos are for gamers, dissipate the power of a small village and have car radiators and lights all over the cases. One can get NUC and Brix but I dont want to start using usb3 drives. I guess I will be mail ordering from Newegg unless you have a better suggestion (like Fry’s)

Stop press, some of those were listed at my local vendor - but I hadn;t been looking for server boards - and frankly dont really need massive raid. A much simpler solution would be fine - newegss again