Rockstor on odroid-xu4 with resilio sync and usb hdd

Hello together,

What you experts think, is the following a good idea?

I’m new to rockstor. I’d like to build a private NAS and thinking of the following combination:

  • odroid-xu4 as boad
  • 2 hdd either Seagate STEL8000200 Backup Plus Hub 8 TB or WD My Book Desktop 8 TB
  • resilio sync home
  1. Does rockstor run on odroid-xu4?
  2. Does btrfs get’s along with usb hard drives?
  3. Has the hardware enough power to run as a NAS + Resilio?

Will this work?

Thx for your help in advance!

Hello @funnyprinter,

Rockstor doesn’t currently run on ARM hardware. You’d need an Intel/AMD based system to run Rockstor.

Does btrfs get’s along with usb hard drives?

Yes, it does.

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@vesper1978 can you recommend any other similar board for this application?

Does rockstor support resilio?

@funnyprinter, I son’t have a recommendation for anything that would be similar in size. Maybe someone else will read this thread that can make one.

Rockstor has a Resilio Rock-On.