Rockstor Pro 8: Eight bay DIY Rockstor build

Hello everyone,

Part of the fun of Rockstor to me(and probably to many of you) is all the different DIY builds I have assembled over last few years. My favorite in terms of performance, value for money and capacity is what we are calling the Rockstor Pro 8. Read all about it with pictures on our blog here.

We are also offering it in our shop for those of you that want to save time, get extra benefits and support us. Order yours today! Our apologies for not offering shipping outside United States at the moment. Please e-mail if you like to place an international order.


I like it! Nice integration of solid hardware, with your services.

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I think this could be a very decent platform for rocktor builds. Add a HBA or RAID-Controller and you’re not limited in capacity. Maybe something for a “Prosumer”. I really like the idea. :slightly_smiling:

Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not seeing why this board would be valuable in this context at all, especially compared to the Intel-based boards Rockstor is using in this build, or more recent Xeon-D versions.

Only because x86 as a rockstor-platform is available now, it doesn’t mean it has to stay like this forever. Afaik the smallest xeon-d boards available are mini-itx, this is much smaller. Besides that, somewhere I had to post it. A new topic would have been overkill in my eyes. But maybe the team is interested in this because the ARM Opteron was just made for storage and networking applications…

Intel isn’t everything.

Funny enough have have just built the same thing. Same case but I use the C236 WSI mobo with an e3-1225v5 in it. Powerful and fast is an understatement. I have then used ESXi on it and passed through the SATA controller through to the NAS OS. Works nicely. I am then using it for a media centre and plugged into the TV.

If any of you are interested there is a small ESXi change needed to get the SATA to pass through but easy enough. If you want ESXi as the base and want a media box as well use Ubuntu with KVM for the nas or buy a Radeon card not Nvidia to do passthrough as iGPU doesn’t work full stop.

That’s pretty much what my Proxmox machine that Rockstor sits on-top of is, a C2750-d4i in the that case :wink: