Rockstor Recycle BIN


Does rockstor has a recycle bin like asustor, synology etc? tried to search for recycle bin but couldnt find a thing.


I should probably pick up a Synology box for reference… but could you explain the recycle bin feature in detail?

Of course, what I meant by recycle bin is that on Synology boxes, ASUSTOR etc you can choose the following option. When one of your NAS clients deletes a file from the share it automatically goes to a folder called recycle Instead of being permanently deleted. This way the administrator that has only access to this folder can retrieve files from there.


HI Suman, any feedback on this?


Hi @davioxx & @suman,
recycle bin feature is a well documented samba option - samba manpages , also available via web ui on Sinology, freenas/nas44free, etc etc etc

@davioxx you can have it directly editing your samba custom params on Rockstor web ui

Do you think this could be a desired feature??
Desired = opening new issue and coding a user friendly recycle bin configurator inside Rockstor web ui :wink:

Well at least for myself is a desired features as I have multiple users in my house and sometimes they accidentally delete files, I also use snapshots but that’s a different approach and is not easy for my users to review them.

Added on Rockstor developmente queue :wink:


I hope we are going to get this recycle bin soon. It is a must have.