Rockstor server migrations

As some of you are already aware, Rockstor’s background infrastructure is in the process of a provider migration. This was planned carefully to help mitigate issues but as the best-laid plans of mice ... etc we are inevitably having to stop - pause - restart multiple services as their DNS and server infrastructure is migrated.

Known current issues to date:

  • Shop stable subscriptions temporarily “SOLD OUT” (read paused) to allow for the subscriptions database migration and integrations into our pending web app which should enable ‘self service’ Appliance ID editing going forward. EDIT2: Planned ‘re-stock’ on or before 2nd September.

For the transition period this will affect those wishing to re-install re-subscribe to the stable channel updates and obviously the return of this service is in everyone’s interest, and is thus a top priority. Existing installed systems will be unaffected and should, once all is in place, pick up where they left off.

Pending issues:

  • Forum issues which may affect https authentication, email delivery, and general site function. During this period you may find the version of the forum you see will be in read only mode.

Please contact or (as our email provider/system may also be in flux at the time) if any problems persist past the short transition period.

Hopefully our plans will pan out and we should be good however.

We have already migrated the main web site, Rock-ons, Docs, and the now legacy rockrepo without significant issue but there are still a number of interrelated services we have to juggle over to our new providers.

Thanks again for your patience in this matter. Hopefully all should settle soon and apologies for any inconvenience. We are a work in progress one might say.

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Apologies folks I have failed again to meet my own dead line. Every effort is being made to line thing up ready to ‘re-stock’ the shop and I’m very nearly there.

Apologies again to all those inconvenience by this. Things are very nearly aligned and I for one am itching to get this sorted. Almost all infrastructure migration related activities and system re-configurations have now been sorted and we are now just awaiting some pending email changes and we are then set.

After this current migration / ‘shop sort’ task and it’s related ducks-in-row I intend my next focus to be on rolling another CentOS based stable release and working towards establishing a new openSUSE based testing channel (close now). There after, once the dust has settled, I’m hoping to return to a longer/shorter stable/testing type release schedule but where our pending openSUSE variant will be in testing alone until it reaches feature parity or near enough to our current CentOS offering.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Thanks to forum member @Ray_Foss for reporting and helping to diagnose a we bit of miss configuration on my part that blocked at least some OAuth logins to this forum.

Appologies for this inconvenience but we now believe this issue to have been ‘fixed’.


and Re:

We also have progress here. The shop, as a few of you have already noticed, is back in a ‘stocked’ state as of a week or so ago.

More announcements to come shortly, most notably our ‘self service’ Appman facility. The recently edited Update Channels docs have some info on this, still kind of preprelease state but definitely worth taking a look at for our current Stable channel subscribers.

Will be back on a more sane release strategy soon folks.

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