Rockstor service not active after reboot

I’m using 3.8-12, and after a power loss, I reboot my machine, and strangely I can’t connect to my Samba/CIFS shares from another Windows box. I ssh’d into my rockstor box, and to my surprise, rockstor service is NOT active. I have to manually restart it using “service rockstor restart” in order to get into WebUI. And when I log into WebUI, I found out that Rockon service is stopped. I have to manually turn it on. Is there something I’m doing wrong? My expectation is that after a power loss, Rockstor should boot up to a working state…If devs need more info, please let me know how to generate log files for you.

Thanks for reporting this @hxdai. If you could send logs located in /opt/rockstor/var/log to, I could take a look. You could also go through the logs and pastebin/paste relevant sections here for everyone to look at.

Thanks. I have sent an email with log file.

From what I can tell, this might be caused by me using 2x crappy USB stick in RAID1 as boot drive. In log file there’s something about failing to mount a share, and that’s as far as I can tell without sounding like I don’t have a clue.