Rockstor share replication - remote activation

Hi Folks,

I’ve managed to set up 2 x Rockstor instances and replicate shares from A to B. Data goes over the wire and I can see space taken from the pool. However, the remote shares show no space has been taken, and if I create a Samba share from them - the contents are empty.

So I’m left wondering, in the event of a DR scenario, how do I promote the destination share in order to gain access to the replicated contents?

I suspect I’m missing something simple here.

How replication works is still a bit of an undocumented mystery, but I believe a share will only appear after the fifth\sixth replication.


I have the shares and I can see that space has been consumed from the pool, but the shares have nothing in them. Very odd.

@grizzly You were right - after a couple of iterations, the data appeared and it’s now all working perfectly. I’m impressed with how easy it was to get it up and running. A big plus for Rockstor.

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