Rockstor USB boot RAID 1

I’ve just recently migrated away from XPEnology (mdadm) to Rockstor and am currently booting Rockstor with a USB stick. I have an identical USB drive that I’d like to configure as a RAID 1 mirror in case of USB drive failure.

I know this is possible and even recommended for FreeNAS but am unsure if Rockstor/BTRFS can operate in this fashion.

I attempted this on my own but notice that rockstor only shows the pool on sda3 (boot USB) but not the other two partitions sda1 and sda2. When attempting to add a drive to this pool and change to RAID 1 it only gives me the option of mirroring sda3 which, I assume, would prevent the second USB from booting in the event of a failure.

Any help / assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the excellent piece of software!

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