Rockstor x JumpCloud Integration

In the free version is it possible to integrate RockStor with JumpCloud LDAP?

Hi @Walter_Santos, and welcome!

Before somebody more knowledgeable than me in JumpCloud or LDAP comes in, have you looked at the LDAP service (in the System > Services page)? It’ll allow you to connect to an LDAP server, which seems to be what JumpCloud offers. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at our documentation for additional details:

If this doesn’t fit your needs, feel free to further detail what you would like to do and I’m sure people will try to help.

Hope this helps,

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Yes, I tried the integration by entering ldap data, but users do not appear in RockStor and no error message is displayed either. So I’m not sure if the service works in the free version, or if any parameters are missing.

Does Rockstor only have these 2 options for LDAP?

@Walter_Santos I’m also fairly unfamiliar with LDAP AD type arrangements but yes currently those are the only 2 options. I’m not sure if the related Active Directory service will help or not. Answering here rather than in your support email as then hopefully we can have more input from community members who are knowledgable on in these services.

Yes, bar the potentially related Active Directory options. In case anyone is game to step up and add your presumably missing options, what would be the order of preference for any additional items here.

Hope that helps and apologies if Rockstor does not, yet, meat your needs. But do please indicate what would be desired additional options wise as we can then issue this for future development. Note also that the now newer Stable release has no additional progress on this front from what I can remember. Although there has been a bug fix on the Active Directory side which only affected domains with greater than 5000 users.

The JumpCloud service does look interesting so it may well be there is interest among our community developers to add what is needed here so any more info you can supply on where Rocsktor falls short could help with this development.

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Hi @Walter_Santos,

As I was curious about JumpCloud, I had a quick look at it and found they seem to have a rather good documentation. I haven’t dug into it in details, but found a few examples that may help you. The link below, for instance, may prove quite useful especially given its included reference links:

Would that correspond to what you are trying to achieve? Don’t hesitate to give as much details as possible if you have any question as Rockstor may already support what you’re trying to do. If not, this will allow us to see what’s limiting and possibly improve it.

Hope this helps,

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Hi @Flox

I am a JumpCloud partner and we are in a project where we chose Rockstor as a fileserver for our client.

The idea is to integrate JC with Rockstor, where users created in JC are replicated in Rockstor and manage folders that each user can access.

Since Rockstor only has 2 configuration lines for LDAP, I don’t see how to finish the integration setup. Basically the information needed for integration would be:

URI / Port
Bind DN

I opened a support ticket with JumpCloud and in the simulation they did, they were also unsuccessful.

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Thanks a lot for the additional information, @Walter_Santos.

Although I’m unfamiliar with setting up LDAP, I’ve always been curious and will thus give this a try when I get a chance.

Thanks to your list of information required and JumpCloud doc, it seems we may be missing a way to easily set Bind DN (or instructions to do so, anyway) but I’ll try to play with it and see what comes out.

Thanks for your additional information.

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Needing help contacts me as it is very interesting for us that these 2 systems communicate correctly. The Rockstor seems to have great potential. My email is

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Hello @phillxnet
I’m a JumpCloud partner. I am willing to help you with whatever you need to do this integration. It will be great for us at DTPS to offer Rockstor to our JumpCloud customers.