Rockstore and nextcloud

Hi Guys, im new here but a pro with linux. I have nextcloud install in a datacenter and a nas with rockstor locally, is there a way to have nextcloud client installed in rockstor and sync the nas with nextcloud?

thanks in advance

Nextcloud’s linux client installation requires a GUI (which Rockstor does not provide) so no luck there.
However, as NC is WebDAV compatible, any number of WebDAV clients should be able to be installed via Rockstor’s command line and setup manually.

There is no in-built integration however, this is something you would need to figure out yourself (or at least, start the process).

Note that there would be no Web UI component to this, likely more something that you run from cron, or a daemon that you run and monitor.

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That seems like a very good point… Would that also mean that, theoretically, Duplicati could be used for that? We do have a rock-on for it if this approach is preferred.

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Y’know, I’d never looked at Duplicati, but that’s probably a really good solution for this case.
Beats hitting the command line.