Rockstore stuck


As I have been trying out rockstor I ran into a couple of issues:

Disks stuck after making RAID
. After making a raid6 array (for testing) the gui ‘stuck’ on creating. I left it for about an hour and then cancelled.
. Disks in the pool are all shown as ‘Disk is unusuable because it has BTRFS filesystem on it, click to wipe’
. Clicking wipe does not actually seem to do anything.
. Also, I made a single disk pool, which I can not delete

Webgui acting strange
. I installed a couple of temperature and sensor cli tools (not sure if this has any effect on the web interface)
. A turning arrow sometimes is stuck on screen
. A lot of pages give an error (list index out of range). Tarred/zipped server logs attached here.
. The web gui no longer reboots or shuts down
. Instead the page refreshes very quickly and infinitely
. Issuing shutdown -r now from ssh works

Errors in console
. In the console (vga connected screen) errors appear every few minutes
. [497.479695 ] [Firmware Warn]: error section length is too small

So apparently I corrupted my Rockstor installation, but I am not sure what I did wrong.
It is my first day with Rockstor, so please bear with me.

Sorry you ran into these issues and thank you for sending the logs, they are very helpful. I can see and to some extent, feel your pain looking at the logs :frowning:

Looks like you ran into this bug: It’s a bug in raid5/6. We’ll fix this in the next update that will be pushed in about a week or so. If you are able to delete your raid5/6 pools, I suggest you do that. It should help.

You are seeing the strangeness on the ui mainly because of consequences of the bug mentioned above. That triggered a lot of it.

I don’t see any other bugs from the logs, which is good. But again, sorry you ran into it in a big way. Other than waiting for the fix, I think you should delete all raid5/6 pools if you can and if not, may be do a re-install.

I don’t see any data relating to your temparature sensor tool, so you should probably continue using them and share your experience which will help us integrate relevant features into Rockstor.

Just want to close loop on this topic. All github issues detailed and referenced are resolved and closed in subsequent Rockstor releases. Thank you for helping with this issue.