RockstorWeb-UI-Login failure/errors on first boot after install

Hello, and thank you for this forum:
I successfully created a USB boot disk, and installed Rockstar, however, I am then unable to connect to the Web-UI after first boot:
I receive a Web-UI IP Address after install and can see the connection to my switch is active (LED activity on the port), however, after first boot, that connection is down - ethernet port on the Switch is inactive. Because I’m new at this, after web-searching, I input ‘nmcli’ to which I received the response, ‘Network Manager is not running’. I typed in ‘NetworkManager’, and that started the service, (am I incorrect in assuming that NM would run automatically after install?). Rebooting the system, NM continues to be disabled and has to be manually initialized.
NOTE that the IP I received after install was, however, after initializing NetworkManager, the IP was listed as - neither of these IP’s get me into the Web-UI, which returns a response of either, ‘Connection was refused’, or, ‘Took too long to respond’.
As I said, new at this and don’t have much experience/knowledge of the command-line info necessary to properly investigate this issue.

Thank you in advance for Any information anyone could provide to help me troubleshoot/solve this.
Thanks again,

@mattchezz. welcome to the Rockstor community. Just to get that out of the way, I assume, you installed the latest version (4.5.8) of Rockstor.

Since you were able to start Network Manager, I assume you have access to the command line.
Can you check what the rockstor status is by typing:
systemctl status rockstor
that should show whether any of the related services have failed, causing the Rockstor services to not start at all.
Also, you could take a log at the rockstor logs which can be found under:
tail -n200 /opt/rockstor/var/log/rockstor.log) or anything you can see when running journalctl -xe

This might give some further insights on what is causing this.